Strangers Among Us (Total Program Runtime: 78 min)
From aliens to androids, these films explore how we define what it is to be 'human.'

GEAR Still1.jpg

Gear (8 min)
Director: Joe Ksander

A young girl flees the city with the help of her only ally - an old, broken-down construction robot.


The Trail's End (10 min)
Director: David Rosenbaum

On the final day of his life, an android has an unexpected encounter that alters the course of his existence. 

Slumptown Still2.jpg

Slumptown (13 min)
Director: Bryan Costanich

In a coffee shop, Dave trains his robot apprentice, Al, to take over and then train others while Ivette, a Slumptown regular, is faced with a difficult choice.


The Trap (6 min)
Director: Dick Grunert

A man invites his friend over one night to show off his latest invention. 


Transference (9 min)
Director: Matthew Ninaber

A father's last words tell a cryptic tale of what the future may hold for his uniquely gifted children.


Aden (11 min)
Director: Gary H. Lee

A man stays one step ahead of nefarious forces in the race to find a child who may hold the key to mankind's future.


Seam (21 min)
Directors: Elan Dassani & Rajeev Dassani

When Yusef discovers his beloved wife Ayana is a Sleeper, a living android bomb left over from a past war, he has only one choice: flee with her to the border of the Machine homeland in the desert, and pray they can make it before time runs out.


RAE (13 min)
Aaron Rovner

When an office robot gives a co-worker a friendly gift, the fragile balance between the employees in the office is pushed to a tipping point. 

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