The Future Is Female (Total Program Runtime: 91 min)

A selection of sometimes fierce, sometimes funny, entirely female-directed short films.


The Pig Child (17 min)
Director: Lucy Campbell

A female scientist working in embryology carries out an illegal surrogacy using her own body, part human and part pig. Discovering that she is carrying a 'pig child,' she is torn between her scientific drive and maternal urges. 

Dear Lucas Still1.png

Dear Lucas (19 min)
Director: Winnie Cheung

A man in the shadow of his famous, beloved scientist father falls in love with one of his fans until they receive a message from the future. A horrific tragedy awaits them. Will their love be worth the risk?


Viv 1.0 or They Must Have Forgotten (9 min)
Director: Scarlet Moreno

One day in the life of 'the perfect woman.'


Indigo (22 min)
Director: Jody Wilson

After years of waiting, Takumi and his toy robot companion receive a message that they will be returning to their home planet. Suddenly he's faced with a choice: follow his cosmic destiny or pursue his dream girl here on earth.

Photo 1 KEY_STILL_-_KEPLER_X-47.jpg

Kepler X-47 (13 min)
Director: Erin Li

Fetched from Earth as a perfect specimen, a woman adjusts to her new reality in a human zoo on an alien planet.
**Winner of 2016 OWA Mary Shelley Award!

Appellation Still1.jpg

Appellation (11 min)
Director: Tracy Mathewson

A scientist's secret research is threatened when a neighbour reports his suspicious behaviour to the ruthless investigator tasked with finding and eliminating extremists like himself.

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