Backyard Blockbusters
Director: John E. Hudgens
66 min

For years, people have been making home movies called "fanfilms," using pop culture properties that they may not own, but love. Backyard Blockbusters looks at the history and influence of the fanfilm genre, as well as the copyright and fair use problems these films create. Hear from the creators of Star Trek: New VoyagesBatman: Dead EndHardware WarsRaiders of the Lost Ark: The AdaptationGeorge Lucas in LoveRyan vs. DorkmanBrowncoats: RedemptionTarzan and the Rocky Gorge and many more!

The Perfect 46
Director: Brett Ryan Bonowicz
97 min

A geneticist creates a website that pairs an individual with their ideal genetic partner for children. This 'science factual' film has been lauded by MIT Technology ReviewScientific AmericanScience, and the London Evening Standard as "a worryingly believable cautionary tale. What if you could have the perfect child?

PROGRAM 1 (93 min)

Viv 1.0 or They Must Have Forgotten (9 min)
Director: Scarlet Moreno

One day in the life of 'the perfect woman.'

The Blood of Love (19 min)
Director: Jeff Meyers

A young woman goes out on the town each night to deal with the recent death of her husband.

The Trail's End (10 min)
Director: David Rosenbaum

On the final day of his life, an android has an unexpected encounter that alters the course of his existence. 

The Pig Child (17 min)
Director: Lucy Campbell

A female scientist working in embryology carries out an illegal surrogacy using her own body, part human and part pig. Discovering that she is carrying a 'pig child,' she is torn between her scientific drive and maternal urges. 

One-Minute Time Machine (6 min)
Director: Devon Avery

James is all too eager to put his one-minute time machine to use in winning the heart of Regina, until he discovers the unexpected consequences of his actions.

Slumptown (13 min)
Director: Bryan Costanich

In a coffee shop, Dave trains his robot apprentice, Al, to take over and then train others while Ivette, a Slumptown regular, is faced with a difficult choice.

Dear Lucas (19 min)
Director: Winnie Cheung

A man in the shadow of his famous, beloved scientist father falls in love with one of his fans until they receive a message from the future. A horrific tragedy awaits them. Will their love be worth the risk?

PROGRAM 2 (71 min)

Aden (11 min)
Director: Gary H. Lee

A man stays one step ahead of nefarious forces in the race to find a child who may hold the key to mankind's future.

Director: J S Mayank
10 min

In a world where time flows backwards, an old man looks forward to greeting his wife as she comes alive, while his 7-year-old granddaughter contemplates her upcoming mortality. 

Transference (9 min)
Director: Matthew Ninaber

A father's last words tell a cryptic tale of what the future may hold for his uniquely gifted children.

The Trap (6 min)
Director: Dick Grunert

A man invites his friend over one night to show off his latest invention. 

Legacy (14 min)
Director: Josh Mawer

To save his father's brilliant mind, a young man is coerced into time-sharing his consciousness. With two minds in one body, boundaries and relationships start to blur.


Gear (8 min)
Director: Joe Ksander

A young girl flees the city with the help of her only ally - an old, broken-down construction robot.

The Taker (15 min)
Director: Maximillian Stenstrom

A government worker questions his responsibilities-endangering both himself and the world at large.

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