THe black hole, A retrospective screening

Dir. gary nelson

Space Travel

Gary Nelson | USA | 98 min | 1979

Dec 10th, 5:35 (Alpha)

Writer: Jeb Rosebrook, Gerry Day

Cast: Maximilian Schell, Anthony Perkins, Robert Forster, Joseph Bottoms, Yvette Mimieux, Ernest Borgnine  

In the future, the USS Palomino is on its way back to Earth when it discovers another ship that had been assumed missing, the USS Cygnus. Kate McCrae (Yvette Mimieux), a scientist aboard the Palomino, learns that it's the same ship upon which her father had served as a crew member. When the Palomino's crew boards the Cygnus, they are met by Dr. Reindhardt (Maximilian Schell) and a bizarre, faceless army who plan to be the first people ever to explore a black hole.  Notable for being the first Disney film to be rated "PG" and to feature CGI, THE BLACK HOLE was at the time the most expensive picture ever produced by Disney.


Defender of the Universe, Gary Nelson

The Defender of the Universe Award honors a cinematic star or mentor whose heroic actions help mold us intothe future humans we aspire to be. In stories that examine what it means to be human, often in the face of rapidly developing technology, alternate histories or multi-galaxial space sagas where we are just one of the many players in a political landscape, SciFi heroes teach us who we are and what we value.

Best remember for THE BLACK HOLE, basically ‘20,000 Leagues In Space’ with spectacular production design and a mesmerizing score from John Barry, Gary Nelson’s other directing credits include FREAKY FRIDAY and ALLAN QUARTERMAIN AND THE LOST CITY OF GOLD.  With a career spanning decades of work from directing for TV Westerns like Have Gun – Will Travel and Gunsmoke, to comedies like Gilligan’s Isle and Get Smart, to a long relationship with Disney, Nelson helped define the role of a director in what the FCC chairman had just deemed ‘a vast wasteland.’ Later, as he moved into film, his finely-tuned skills turned what could have been genre-knock-offs into classic adventure stories in their own right.



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