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Yeah, we know. There are a ton of film festivals in the Austin area (not to mention the entire country.)  What makes us so special? Well:

-Filmmakers have a blast here! We firmly believe in framing our festival around you - the filmmaker. At OWA, you can count on a full theater of genre fans eager to watch your film (and ask you questions after - we hold a Q&A after every screening!)  Network with other artists at our annual Filmmaker Happy Hour and throughout the fest. Check out what some of our alumni have to say here.

-We get the word out about your film! We want our programs to have the biggest reach possible – we pick the films we do for a reason, after all (hint: they’re awesome and everyone should see them). OWA prides itself with awesome marketing efforts, both on our own website/blog and coverage from taste-maker publications like The Austin Chronicle and Austin360. And those full audiences we mentioned earlier? They’re ready to spread the word too by telling their friends and sharing on social media (how else do people hear about new films these days anyway?)

-We f-ing love genre! Lots of festivals only have so many slots reserved for “genre” films. That’s where we come in. OWA is all about giving a platform to stories set in fantastical worlds. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what makes SciFi, well, SciFi. Same for Horror (we launched permanent Horror sidebar Under Worlds Austin in 2016 to great acclaim!) All you need is a great story and the eye to tell it. We even have a year-round screening series, Other Worlds Orbiter, because once a year is just not enough to share the awesome SciFi films that we come across.

-How about reasonable fees & transparency? We know how rough it is out there money-wise for artists (many of us on the team are filmmakers ourselves.) OWA prices its submissions accordingly and of course rewards thinking ahead with cheaper Early Bird rates! Another thing we offer: transparency to submitters. Even if you aren’t accepted to the festival, feel free to request feedback from our programmers. You paid us money – the least we can do is offer some constructive notes on your project and why it didn’t make the cut this time.

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You can submit your film DIRECTLY to us through our easy-to-use online form.  Look here for all the rules, submissions guidelines and FAQs or to ask the programmers a direct question.  You may submit a free HD screener through vimeo or youtube using this method, as well as mail us a DVD or BluRay.

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Other Worlds Austin also accepts entries via, a new online platform that allows free HD online screeners, Vimeo and YouTube integration, and more.  Be sure to read our rules, guidelines and FAQ (found below) before you head over because they are more in-depth on our site.

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If you are already on the WAB system, you are practically done!  Cruise on over and submit your film to us through their easy to use check-out (along with a ton of other fests).  Be sure to read our rules, guidelines and FAQ (found below) before you head over because they are more in-depth on our site.  Also WAB now offers free HD screeners with every submission.

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