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SOUL TO KEEP and THE PASTMAN - 10am Dec 9th Tickets available at the theater


OWA is excited to present a special screening for the Deaf Community, a feature and a short, both presented with OPEN CAPTIONS and followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers with ASL Interpreters. Please, if you are interested in the films and are not part of the Deaf community or friend of family, try to make the Saturday screenings and leave this ‘open to the public’ screening available for those who it is intended.

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Soul to Keep, Dir. David Allensworth & Moniere

Soul to Keep

(TX Premiere)

Toying with Rituals

D: David Allensworth & Moniere | USA | 94 min

Dec 8th, 10:15pm (Beta)

Writers: David Allensworth, Eric Bram

Cast: Aurora Heimbach, Sandra Mae Frank, Conor McKenna

A group of friends travel to an old country house to party. After exploring the old house they find a room in the basement and decide to host a séance. Enter Beelzebub and his hunger for human souls.