Welcome to OWA Voyager!

We program films that we're passionate about. We choose films that should be seen by everyone. With Other Worlds Voyager, we've curated a selection of our alumni films to be available to screen at art-house cinemas, film societies, museums, schools, and more.

THE TRAP // Dick Grunert

THE TRAP // Dick Grunert

VIV 1.0 // Scarlet Moreno

VIV 1.0 // Scarlet Moreno

GEAR // Joe Ksander

GEAR // Joe Ksander

Why host, you ask?

Other Worlds Voyager brings films from the most forward-thinking artists to your community, both for entertainment and discussion. Our films have played all over the world, at esteemed festivals such as Fantastia, Sitges & Dances With Films. 

Whether these movies show repercussions from technology we already possess or create a picture of what our world could look like years from now, they expose us to exciting ideas and stories that have the potential to change our neighborhoods, our country, and our world. Bring the conversation to your community!

How to host?

Email jordan_brown@otherworldsaustin.com with your film picks. Our festival staff does NOT travel to your venue -instead we’ve created a streamlined program so we don’t have to travel, keeping your costs low and allowing you to really take ownership of your awesome screening!

1.    Pick a venue & a date
2.    Pick your programming
3.    Spread the word!


What WE Provide

  • A catalogue of curated films for you to choose from
  • Contacts with filmmakers for possible travel or Skype Q&As
  • Custom digital poster art & graphics for marketing your event
  • Digital "How-To" documents, from technical questions to day-of-show tips
  • Day-of support via email or phone

What YOU Provide

  • Projection equipment
  • A venue with an adequate sound system and a screen
  • Technical staff/volunteer to run projector and Blu-ray player
  • Support staff/volunteers for ticket sales, publicity, setup, cleanup, etc
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Tickets and ticket pricing (if needed)

Read more about how easy it is to host an Other Worlds Voyager screening!


The price of our custom package is $300. Many people/organizations make this work through charging at the door ($5-10) and/or partnering with a local sponsor to deflect costs. It’s important to us to keep costs low to make the films accessible to as many communities as possible.

Know that a sizable portion of the fee goes to the filmmakers whose movies you screen! Our main perogative has always been to create platforms for our artists and their work.

For all requests, questions, and access to screeners, please contact: