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Fan Film


Submit Your Film Here - $5 off the current fee on Withoutabox.  Final Deadline midnight PST September 15th.

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Other Worlds Austin - Category and Entry Fees

Fan Films (Any Length)


All films will compete for the Audience Award as selected by voting by festival attendees. Filmmakers will be allowed to vote for their own films if in attendance. The prize for shorts will be $250, features will be $500.  Fan Films will be considered with their respective categories dependent on length.

Other Worlds Austin - Submission Rules

Films will be judged and selected based on their narrative quality. SciFi features can be any film set in another world, reality or time. Action Films, Comedies, Horror, and Dramas can all be science fiction if the setting or story lines have a particular SciFi bent. Horror films aim to create a sense of distress, panic, alarm, and dread for the audience. They can be unsettling either through what is portrayed on screen, or the thoughts they provoke inside the viewer, preying on our worst fears and nightmares.  Documentaries and Animation will be accepted in either genre as long as the films are story-based and not experimental or facts-and-figures types of filmmaking and would be of interest to genre fans (we've played docs every year). Music Videos will be acceptable if they tell a cohesive story (think "Take On Me" by A-ha). A Fan Film is any short or feature based on pre-existing characters or properties (that the filmmaker does not own).  Common examples might utilize characters or worlds from Star Wars, Star Trek, the Marvel Universe or even Flash Gordon.  Other examples of fan films are ‘lost’ Twilight Zone episodes (done entirely in the style of the original series), fake commercials or trailers for films that based on pre-existing characters or properties that do not exist, mash-ups of characters from different universes, or using new audio or new video in sync with existing video or audio for new effect.  The rule is creativity – what can a fan do to make a new work out of something they don’t own, without hope of making a penny?  Films can be one-minute or feature length and of any production quality, we are looking to reward ingenuity, not your ability to buy an authentic stormtrooper costume. Features must be 41 minutes or longer, Shorts 40 minutes or shorter. Fan Films can be any length.

OWA is a green festival. Features, Shorts and Fan Films must be submitted as an online screener.  Other Worlds Austin is not responsible for the streaming quality of Secure Online Submissions uploaded by the filmmaker. If your entry is unable to be watched by our programmers due to issues with your upload, your film will be disqualified and no refund will be made. 

Features, Shorts, and Fan Films must be available to screen as a digital file or a keyless (nonKDM) DCP. If you are unable or unwilling to provide us your film as a digital file, or keyless DCP, DO NOT SUBMIT your film. We do not screen off of BluRay or DVD under any circumstance. Digital files will be converted to DCP for theatrical playback at no cost to filmmakers (filmmakers may 'buy' the DCP from OWA to use again at a cut-rate deal).

Films may not have been shown publicly (online, theatrically, on VOD or at a festival) prior to July 1, 2015. If a film was submitted to Other Worlds Austin in 2016, we are happy to reconsider it for 2017, but only recommend re-submission if significant changes have been made.   Films must be available for screening during Other Worlds Austin, December 7-10, 2017. Films must be Austin premieres but no other premiere status is required. Quality of filmmaking equal, some preference will be given to World, US or Texas Premieres. Short films and Fan Films available publicly online will be eligible for the festival, but features will not. Short films that have appeared on US network or cable television will also be eligible for screening at the festival, features that have appeared on US network or cable television or available for VOD/download/purchase will not be eligible for screening at the festival.

Other Worlds Austin does not pay screening fees under any circumstance. By submitting your film, you are agreeing to screen your film without a screening fee or any other compensation if selected.