cocolors, dir. toshihisa yokoshima

Post-Apocalyptic Life
Toshihisa Yokoshima | Japan | 45 min
Dec 10th, 12:00

Writer: Toshihisa Yokoshima
There is a world in which an endless rain of dark ash fills the sky, and covers the earth. Bundled up in their protective suits and hidden away behind their masks, humanity has fled deep within the underground. This is the story of the children growing up in this fearful world, and two boys who join a recovery team that ventures out to the outside world.
 (Animated, Japanese with English subtitles)

Screens with: Super Science Friends- Episode 1: The Phantom Premise
Brett Jubinville | Canada | 16 min
Writers: Brett Jubinville, Laurel Dalgleish, Kevin Williams
A team of super scientists led by Winston Churchill travel through time fighting nazis, zombies and all manner of sciency villains!

-and: Meeting MacGuffin
Catya Plate | USA | 10 min
Writer: Catya Plate
In a post-apocalyptic future, a group of scientists and an animated sign complete the construction of a new human race and to restore balance to the decimated Earth.




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